Wednesday, 25 July 2012

one in ten

Some initial images of my latest work. I've joined tenmoregirls...a diverse bunch of talent and character from the Enmore workshop. The annual exhibition opens in August.

The theme for this year is Glory Box and I've chosen to focus on the heirloom and textile aspects of a traditional glory box. It’s a good opportunity to experiment with some 1970's-flavoured textile techniques and combine them with metalwork.

I'm suggesting that heirlooms can be intangible...I want to reflect that sense of home where you can feel safe and grounded, yet feel free to explore and develop.

The pieces (hopefully 30-40 of them in total) are simply inspired by the garden we used to run around in as kids. It had boundaries for protection but contained endless things to entertain us.

With my stitching, I’m trying to show that infinite outcomes can be created from the same starting point; in this case the same basic materials and high-school geometry.